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The Honours, Inc. scholarship furthered my life in more ways than I would have thought. My scholarship aided me in my pursuit of a UW-Madison education. However, I found that what has benefitted me more is the lesson I learned from Honours, Inc.; determination and hard work, as well as helping those in the community, makes success achievable and more rewarding. As a student pursuing a business degree, this lesson is imperative for ethical business practices. For that reason, Honours, Inc. has truly given me a foundation for success that I can build upon in all my future ventures. Thank you.
Forrest Koslowski
2014 Graduate 

Named Scholarships

A new contribution to Honours, Inc. of at least $20,000 or the completion of donations totaling $20,000 is required for a named scholarship to be established prior to January 1, 2023. The named scholarship is awarded from a portion of the earnings, so the scholarship is self- perpetuating. Join our wonderful list of Named Scholarship Donors! Beginning January 1, 2023, a new contribution of at least $25,000 or the completion of donations totaling $25,000 is required for a named scholarship to be established.


Allen & Anna Lou Becker

Allenton Area Advancement Association

Associated Bank

Bob & Sherry Schaefer

Brian Priestaf

Craig S. & Rachel Wolf

Dana L. Toraason Memorial

Dave & Christine Schellinger

Dave & Lori Gutbrod Advantage Research

David & Jeannette Schwarz Family

Donald & Gene Mechenich Memorial

Donna & Jim Saltz

Doug & Sharon Ziegler

Dr. John D. Riesch

Dr. Kenneth & Annemarie Prefontaine Memorial

E.H. Wolf Family

Earl & Ruth Schilling Family

Edward H. & Minette A. Wolf

Forte Bank

Frank & Sherry Gundrum

Frank Novotny

Gerald A. Sr. & Lucille Lofy

Gerry & Heidi Lofy

Hank Karius

Hansen Family

Honours, Inc. Community Scholarship

James & Loren Hassinger

Jean Happel

Jeffrey & Joyce Hollett

Joan R. & Peter D. Ziegler Family

Joanne O'Dwyer Memorial

Jody K. Waldhart Memorial

Joe Wikrent

Kada Bush

Ken & Marilyn Reiser

Kermit & Ruby Miller

Kevin F. Bacon & Lynne Matthias

Kreilkamp Trucking

Kurt & Linda Kleinhans Family


Leonard W. & Mary F. Coulson

Luis & Iris Garcia

Marilyn Zuern Memorial

Mike & Lynne Patenaude

Nancy Schilling-Genz

Oscar & Carolyn Kraft

Paul & Susan Wolf Family

Peter & Amelia Theisen Memorial / Roth Family

Richard & Beverly Krebs

Richard & Marilyn Mayer Family

Richard Nowicki Memorial

Rick & Julie Vandermause

Riesch Family

Robert & Audrey Nehm

Robert & Beverly Johnson

Roman & Kristine Weninger Family

Ron & Marilyn Rueckl

Roy & Laura Wolf

Russ & Cecilia Nehm

Sharon & Robert Donath

Slinger Advancement Association

Slinger High School Football/Basketball

Slinger/Allenton Rotary Club

Stanley Sprehn

Ted Kern Family

Terry & Mary Krall Family

Tim & Brad Wiedmeyer

Tom & Shirley Gundrum

West Bend Mutual Insurance

William & Marilyn Rasmussen

William G. Storck

William Holtan Memorial

Winifred & James Dickinson Memorial

Ziegler Family Foundation

Honor/Memorial Contributions

An honor or memorial gift is a meaningful way to celebrate someone important to you. Your honoree or family will receive notification of your thoughtful gift.


Alumni Donations

Several classes have elected to make contributions to Honours, Inc. Alumni donations may be applied towards an established fund designated for a specific class. 


Matching Gifts Program

Many companies will match the value of charitable gifts made by employees. Contact your company’s Human Resources office to find out if your employer has a matching gifts program. Please indicate your company’s name when you return your donation card.

Gifts of Property

Make a gift of securities, property, or other marketable securities. Click here for more details.

Honours Inc. Donor Wall

The gym/auditorium lobby at Slinger High School is the home of a growing Honours Inc. Donor Wall. The wall lists the names of all donors who have contributed $1,000 or more to the fund. Names are repositioned or added to the wall each Fall as donors reach the $1,000 donation mark or move to the next level. Many visitors to the school view the wall and comment on the support the Slinger School District residents provide for their youth.

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