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How can gifts be made to the fund?
•  Make an outright gift of money.
•  Make a gift of securities, property, or other marketable securities.
   Click here for more details.
​•  Create a charitable remainder trust, or name Honours, Inc. as a beneficiary of      a new or existing life insurance policy, or annuity, or retirement account.                (Including the option of instructing your IRA administrator to make a qualified        charitable distribution of up to $100,000 to Honours Inc.  A check would be sent    directly from your IRA to Honours Inc.  The qualified charitable distribution can      typically be used to meet your annual RMD requirement.)
​•  Name Honours, Inc. as a remainder beneficiary, to receive a
   specific bequest in a will or distribution from a living trust.

It is important to remember that this fund is an endowment fund that lasts forever (in perpetuity) from which only earned income (dividends, interest, capital gains, etc) is spent while the principal remains untouched forever. Any donation amount, no matter the size will help our Honours, Inc. scholarship fund grow. Your generosity to this fund will be appreciated for years to come.

Honours, Inc. is a scholarship fund that goes on giving long after you are gone ~

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