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Slinger High School
Scholarship Fund
A Tradition of Excellence


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Hootie Fest 2021!



• To provide meaningful financial assistance to students of
  Slinger High School who have demonstrated outstanding
  achievement in school and who will continue their education
  toward careers and vocations of their choice.


• To increase the number and amounts of the scholarships.


To guarantee what was begun in 1983 will continue through
   2083 and the named recognition and memorial gifts are
   continued in perpetuity.



          Being a part of the very first Honours
award group was one of the factors in making
me realize how invested the Slinger
community was in its schools and students.
While there were only four scholarships
provided that first year, and the top amounts
were not nearly as significant as they are now, it
really showed a commitment from the successful businesses and individuals, in what was then a much smaller community, to put in place what has become a wonderful scholarship program. Winning one of those four scholarships that first year certainly was one of the contributing factors encouraging me to become active in the Slinger community during my adult years, just as those who worked to establish the Honours program were back in 1985.


Hank Karius, 1985 Graduate

Honours Newest Named Scholarships of 2021 & 2022


Bob & Sherry Schaefer

Craig S. & Rachel Wolf

Donna & Jim Saltz

Earl & Ruth Schilling Family

Gerald A. Sr. & Lucille Lofy

Jeffrey & Joyce Hollett

Joan R. & Peter D. Ziegler Family

Mike and Lynne Patenaude

Russ & Cecilia Nehm

Slinger Advancement Association

Ted Kern Family

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